Do Penny Stocks Work?

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The key to how to find good penny stocks to buy today is knowing what you are buying and if it fits your needs.

Problems with Penny Stocks

In order to invest wisely you need accurate and timely information on which to make decisions. You should be trading stocks in a liquid market that lets you enter and exit positions when you want. Investopedia offers their take on penny stocks and lists four factors that should give investors concern.

  • Lack of Information Available to the Public
  • No Minimum Standards
  • Lack of History
  • Poor Liquidity

Past Performance as a Predictor

We looked at an article in The Street from 2011. They described the 10 Best-Performing Stocks under $5 for that year. Check out the article for all picks. We only list the ones that are still in business and trading for more today than in 2011; info is from Google Finance.

Do Penny Stocks Work?
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