How to Pick Dividend Stocks

An article in The Street caught our eye. These 5 Big Dividend Stocks Want to Pay You More Money. It got us to thinking about how to pick dividend stocks.

How’s Your Gap Analysis? Complimentary Training is Here.

But, as the article points out, to get the biggest benefit you need to learn how to pick dividend stocks. You need to consider not just the current dividend yield but also what that yield is likely to be in the years to come. And while nothing guarantees a dividend payment next quarter a solid balance sheet, a history of paying dividends and a history of steadily increasing dividends over the years are important. And there is the matter of dividend yield versus interest rates.

Dividend Stocks as an Alternative to Bonds

In our article last year about What to Look for in a Dividend Stock we looked at dividends and interest rates.

Another short term concern for buyers is when dividends are paid. The price of the stock should reflect whether or not you will receive the dividend of if the seller will pocket the dividend along with your payment for the stock.

How to Pick Dividend Stocks
Here’s Some Training to Help You Project Price Targets



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