Retirement Stocks

Replacing Berkshire, Facebook and Bank of America in Seniors’ portfolios are Verizon Communications, Pfizer and IBM which do not appear in any other group’s top ten. Sherrod points out, “In the Boomer and Senior portfolio you’ll see a little bit more in the way of high yield and with the Millennials you’ll see a little more in the way of high beta.” In other words older generations are investing for income while younger generations are investing for growth. This may be one of the reasons AT&T is popular with these groups — the telco has a 5.4% dividend yield. This may also account for some of their relatively lower interest in Berkshire — Buffett doesn’t pay a regular dividend.

[D]ividend stocks are often better than bonds for retirement investing for a number of reasons. While bonds have traditionally been viewed as a sure bet for retirement investing, the low yields of today mean that you must invest nearly $1 today for every $1 you want to take out in retirement. If inflation rises considerably between the time you purchase the bond and the time that you retire, you will lose a significant amount of the purchasing power of your account. Most people would prefer investments that grow faster and compound to provide them with more money in their retirement years than they originally put in.

“Not maximizing retirement contributions is a major error that a lot of people make,” Slott says. “People need to take advantage of every option to keep putting money away in a retirement account.”Slott tells folks aged 50 and older not to miss catch-up contributions so as not to lose out on opportunities to save for retirement. He adds that future retirees should take advantage of spousal IRAs for nonworking spouses and tells them to keep making Roth IRA contributions even after 70½ if they have the earnings. Another big no-no in Slott’s opinion: retiring too early.” The longer you work and keep earning, the more retirement money you can continue to sock away in a Roth IRA,” says Slott. “If you are still working, you can probably avoid taking Social Security for longer, allowing your future benefit to increase substantially. From age 62 to age 70, your monthly check goes up every month you delay.”



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Profitable Investing Tips is an informational website for men and women who want to discover trading & investing products and strategies and how to use them.

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