What Are Secure Retirement Investments?

When retirement approaches you do not want to have your investments in vehicles that crash like the stock and real estate markets did in 2008. But what are secure retirement investments in today’s world and what sort of returns can you expect. Phy.org discusses the current lack of secure investments and how it is hindering global growth.

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How Safe a Bet is Coca Cola or Proctor & Gamble or Colgate Palmolive?

You can make more money with dividends from a strong dividend stock than from U.S treasuries these days. But how do you know that a company is a safe bet? Warren Buffet has been quoted as saying that he does not know what a tech stock will be worth in ten years but that he can easily guess what a Snickers bar will sell for. Add toothpaste, paint, glass, soft drinks and makers of batteries or heating and cooling controls to the “snickers” list. There are companies that have paid dividends for more than 100 years and will probably be paying dividends for a hundred more. Take a look at Dividend.com for their comments about 15 such stocks and their predictions as to which will or will not still be paying dividends a century from now.

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